Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One BIG milestone and many more to follow!

Watch me... I can turn over!

Note: When listening, please try to tune out my oh so southern accent...it is awful, I KNOW!

I am thankful that I was able to experience one of my son's many milestones. Being a working mother, I know that I won't always be with him when he does many of his firsts. So, to be home with him for the first triumph filled my heart with joy.

15 weeks and 2 days

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

John L.'s first cold

It must be that Mother's Intuition I hear so much about... I knew my baby wasn't feeling 100%. After about 5 days of him sounding congested, Jeremy and I decided to call the Pediatrician and after describing his symptoms over the phone, they told me to bring him in. I thought he had a sinus infection, little did I know babies haven't yet developed their sinus cavities, therefore my diagnosis was incorrect. I must say though, I would have been right had his sinus cavities been developed...hehe :) He was definitely experiencing the sinus drainage in his throat which was causing him to cough and sometimes choke. Thankfully though he never ran a fever. Dr. Cory was not available to see on 08/30, so we saw Ms. Wallace, NP. She was wonderful and we will ask to see her every time Dr. Cory is unavailable. Ms. Wallace prescribed Saline Nasal Drops and that was it. What a relief!

While there they weighed and measured our growing little or should I say BIG Boy...

14 lbs 12 oz
25 inches

The BIG 30!!!

August is a BIG birthday month! Not only is it a big birthday month every year, but this year was the really BIG one!!! The BIG 3-0...

Happy Birthday to Me 08/18, Mendy 08/20 and Lee Ann 08/21.

Our husbands and our best friend, Lori, planned a memorable birthday for all of us. Unfortunately, the original plans they had for us included dinner at the Capital Grill and drinks and dancing at the Martini Bar, but that had to change. With Mendy being sick w/ morning, afternoon and evening sickness (oh YES, she is Pregnant w/ #2), her son Blake not feeling well and our son John L not feeling really well (Jeremy and I were thinking he was coming down with his first cold) we were not wanting to go far (yes, we think Tampa is far), so with all of us putting our party hats on, we all agreed to stay in Polk County to Celebrate our BIG 3-0. We had a fabulous dinner at the Terrace Hotel and then we headed off to the Blue Moon a.k.a YP's (for those of us who are old enough to remember YP's...hehe). But of course we all got a little bored just standing around like a bunch of old people... So, after talking it over we all headed off to the Dallas Bull!!! WOW, I could sit there all night and people watch! What fun!!!

I want to thank my wonderful husband for a wonderful birthday. You made it very special and I thank you for thinking of me and wanting me to have a special day. I will never forget this birthday. I love you!

The Fabulous LIMO... thanks guys!
And a special thank you to my dad.


Mendy with her "Jazzy Bans" (they help with her nausea)

Where did Dana come from...hehe :)

Our "BOX" having LOTS of fun and making LOTS or memories!

Our First Day...

I really thought this was going to be the worst day EVER, but... it actually went very well. Even though I had the biggest lump in my thoart while driving to work after dropping John L off my first day back at work was some what liberating and John L adapted just fine at Mrs. Debbie's. Getting home after work was like having Christmas in August. Holding him, my little gift from God, in my arms was the best gift to have after being away from him all day. With Jeremy and I being working parents, I think we have adjusted very well with managing our careers, our home, our family and our life in general.